The Woodford CLF church started in December 2011 with a small group from our sister branch – CLF Greenwich.

We exist to be a Christ centred church. We express this purpose through our commitment to prayer, worshiping God, ministering to humanity, evangelising our world. We are a family of believers and disciple our members into Christ-likeness.

Woodford CLF is a multi-national, multi-cultural family church based in the heart of South Woodford. Our aim is to reach the entire community around us from Stratford to Epping (and beyond) to teach the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our belief is in the Holy Trinity, our teaching rooted in the scriptures and our fellowship is filled with praise and worship. We meet weekly for our local Connect Groups, on Fridays at our weekly corporate prayer meetings and every Sunday for service and family fellowship from 1pm.

Our Values

  • Loving God whole-heatedly
  • Being purpose driven
  • Loving people unconditionally
  • Healthy family lifestyles
  • Servanthood and kindness
  • Commitment to biblical truth and discipleship
  • Personal accountability and responsibility
  • Evangelism and Missions oriented
  • A house of worship and prayer

In our diverse city and through our multi-racial community of believers, we join together as disciples of Jesus Christ to:

  • worship God
  • respond to the call to prayer
  • preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • be a family of believers
  • serve and respond to the needs of humanity
  • grow into the likeness of Christ
  • serve the spiritual needs of the community we fellowship in

You are very welcome to join us as we journey together in our commitment to follow Jesus and lead others to do the same – a commitment of Love, Life and Meaning.

Our Background

Christian Life Fellowship (CLF) began in the United Kingdom on 1st March 1994 as an independent Church within the Borough of Greenwich with about 35 people.

The last 21 years, Christian Life Fellowship International has seen a steady growth and development from that one local Church to several Churches planted in the UK, and many more planted. CLF has also given birth to various ministries that serve the wider body of Christ and the world at large. Our outreach endeavours have included missions to Canada, USA, Jamaica, St Vincent, Guyana, Brazil, Romania, Belgium, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa and Cambodia.